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Eli Campos- pronounced (elēē kampos) stage name used for short version of her birth name given Elizabeth Campos. Eli was born in the City of Glendale raised in the city of South Gate the majority of her life. She is of Mexican descendant. Her parents are first generation immigrants in the U.S. originally from the beautiful lands of the Yucatan Peninsula.
Eli's musical experience is mostly in mariachi/regional a type of traditional Mexican folk music. In effort to expand her musical experience she began experimenting with other types of music. She recorded a couple of tracks in collaboration with well known rapper Mellow Man Ace. Eli is currently in the process of crossing over back to the Spanish side in music but this time she is expanding to the tropical side of industry.  New tracks currently being worked on are original songs that fall into the salsa, pop-salsa & rhumba category. 

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